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System Administrator Dave Kasefang working remotely with his assistant Roscoe

The Key to Working Remotely: IT Support

Most of Surdex’s employees have been working from home since mid-March. Our IT staff were instrumental in making an uninterrupted transition to home office workstations, and their technical support is key to the ongoing successful operation of our company.

Surdex’s IT staff includes System Administrator Dave Kasefang and Jr. System Administrator Steve Clement. The biggest challenge they have faced with switching everyone to working remotely was the “added complexity to the work environment over VPN,” according to Clement. He says they “learned how to deal with common issues and created processes for quickly resolving remote work issues.”

When an employee has a technical problem, IT uses screen sharing and remote access of employee’s computers to troubleshoot and resolve the problem. With these tools, our IT staff works as efficiently as ever. They are enjoying the benefits of remote work, including an increased ability to focus and more time to walk the dog given the shorter commute time!

To learn more about the work of Surdex’s IT staff, check out our “Data Management” flyer.

Shown: System Administrator Dave Kasefang working remotely with his assistant Roscoe.