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Serving the Industry since 1954

Surdex Corporation is recognized as a premier geospatial, mapping and data services provider, supplying accurate and precise digital information on time and within budget.  By combining tried and true photogrammetric principles with state-of-the-art technology, we provide our clients with reliable, accurate geospatial data and a solid value.

A combination of factors allows us to deliver products of exceptional quality, on schedule, which in turn enables our clients to do their jobs quickly and efficiently.

  • Investment in equipment that improves quality and efficiency
  • Highly skilled and cross-trained workers with high levels of productivity and quality output
  • Continuous improvement culture that ensures we are working efficiently and providing best in class products
  • A large production capacity that enables us to shift resources to adjust for unforeseen circumstances
  • A fleet of aircraft that can be shifted quickly to take advantage of clear acquisition conditions
  • Redundant QC processes that provide you with the highest quality product in the marketplace
Surdex founder Earl R. Hoffmann looking at a map

Surdex founder Earl R. HoffmannDo What You love, Love What You Do

Company founder Earl R. Hoffmann, Sr. grew up with a love for aviation. He began his flying career as a pilot in Naval Aviation. Back in 1954, in an effort to combine his love of flying with his enthusiasm for serving the industry, Mr. Hoffmann founded Surdex Corporation, which stands for SURvey, Design, EXploration.

Since its incorporation over 60 years ago, Surdex has grown from a startup aerial photography firm to one of the most technologically advanced digital mapping firms in the photogrammetric industry. With our own fleet of aircraft and multiple acquisition options, Surdex provides complete geospatial solutions for both the public and private sectors:

Our founder’s passion is still integrated into our operational philosophy today, and as we look forward. With the most advanced technology incorporated into our production processes, we can work quicker without deviating from our clients’ accuracy and quality requirements and without risk of jeopardizing project schedules. We will continuously keep on the crest of cutting-edge technologies to work better, faster and in a cost-effective manner for our clients.


A historical image of a Surdex employee looking at an orthoimage

Surdex employees looking at a reportExperience

Project Experience

Since its beginning, Surdex has served clients from the public and private sectors – on projects of all sizes and scopes, including orthoimagery, LiDAR and mapping:

  • Large projects (such as the massive 6.69M sq. mi. federal NAIP)
  • Statewide or partial state projects (such as the nation’s largest digital imagery statewide project, the State of Texas)
  • Federal/state cooperative projects
  • Multi-county and multi-entity partnership projects
  • Single counties
  • Municipalities
  • Private industry projects

Our projects range from multifaceted, multi-million-dollar projects to smaller engineering projects, and we pay close attention to each and every one. In the past 10 years alone, we have performed 4,300 projects across the United States.

Our experience on large projects with multiple resolutions and participants means that we have the experience and proven project management skills to undertake even the most complex project, down to the most basic, and guide it to successful completion.

Staff Experience

We have the in-house resources necessary to undertake virtually any photogrammetric mapping project with any combination of digital orthoimagery, LiDAR, and/or digital topographic or planimetric mapping. Most of our key staff has been with us for 20+ years, assuring our clients they are dealing with some of the most skilled and experienced workers in the industry. Our staff includes:

The experience we gain, project after project, helps us continuously refine our processes. These refinements enable us to improve efficiency without sacrificing quality.

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